Things To Note While Using iMessage

iMessage is a new feature which was introduced as a new feature of iOS 5.0. This is very much similar to Blackberry BBM, with the only difference that BBM requires a different data transfer pack as it does not run on normal EDGE but iMessage can work on Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE. In this post I will specify each and every detail about this feature as I have seen many users struggling while using this feature. This feature is really very simple and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you can related to the trouble with iMessages.

Features Explained

You can see a screenshot of an iMessage exchanged with one of my friend who is also having an iPhone. First things First, iMessage can only be exchanged among any Apple product apart from iPod Shuffle iPod Classic and other basic or older Apple Products (basically older iPods). Now, you can see ‘delivered’ written below the message, which indicates that, the message has been delivered on the other iPhone. You may also notice that the other normal texts are highlighted in GREEN color, whereas this iMessage will always go in BLUE color.


When you will send any message then you will not see any status below your message but once it gets delivered it will display ‘Delivered’. If users, as switched ON the service for sending Read receipts for iMessages, then you will also see another status ‘Read’ below this message. The settings section has been shown below in the screenshot. Once you turn that ON, the user on the other hand will know when you read his/her message. So, it’s the matter of privacy whether you want to switch it ON or OFF.


Sometimes, users face issue of not exchanging any iMessage even though if both the users have iMessage activated iPhones. In the Settings section you will have to check the ‘Received At’ part where the message will be delivered, if the user has configured that address as email-address and you are sending the message on his phone number then that message will not be sent as iMessage, but if you send the same message on his configured e-mail ID, then it will go as an iMessage.


In the settings section, there is also a choice to send the message as Text Message if iMessage has not been delivered for a long time. Let us take my example, my brother tends to keep his edge switched off to save the battery and thus most of the times when I send him any iMessage then he is not under any internet coverage through which that can be delivered, so this iMessage automatically sends itself as a normal SMS.

One of the most irritating problem which many users have complaint about is when a user loses his/her iPhone anywhere then after putting that same SIM or number is any other phone he will not be able to receive any SMS from his iPhone users as it will keep on sending iMessages rather than any normal SMS which cannot be delivered on any other phone. We have covered about this problem here.

If you are dealing with non-activation of your iMessage then it is a problem from the cellular subscriber, you will have to contact them for this purpose. If you are still struggling with any problem related to iMessage, then please put that in the comments section.

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