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Top Five Apps of The Week For iOS and Android

Welcome to our “top apps of the week” series. In this series, every week we share few handpicked applications that are worth deserving your attention. The list contains apps for your android as well as iOS devices. We prefer to list out the apps which are free but also don’t avoid the ones which have the price worth its features.

For now read on the top apps that we selected to feature in this week’s issue.

Soundwave [iOS]


Soundwave is one of the rarest apps that marries social media with music. The app provides you a feed which is populated with what your friends are listening. Then you can tap that song to further share, preview or listen. The big advantage is you are out of the pain to search that particular song which your friends are listening. The app also lets you follow your favourite celebrities.

Download : iOS (Free)

SloPro [iOS]


SloPro for iOS is one app that lets you record videos from your iOS device at extremely slow speed. The app comes in lite as well as pro version which costs not more than $4. Easily capture the video, edit it on your device itself and share across multiple platforms. The app in our tests worked like breeze. (Read more.)

Download : iOS (Free)

Explore Shakespeare [iOS]


If you are interested in any of the plays of Shakespeare, this app is for you. With illuminating visuals, the Shakespeare’s best-loved plays are amazingly presented on your iPad. However for free you can only view the initial scenes of his best-loved plays. For the full version you will have to however spend few bucks.

Download : iOS (Free)

Xbox Music [Android]


Though it is little late but still better. The free app by Microsoft is Xbox Music cloud/streaming music service. You can do all what a cloud streaming music application does but cant stream it prior for offline download.

Download : Android (Free)

Simplenote [Android]


The app is by the company who created WordPress, Automattic. The app is fairly minimalistic in approach and has a basic idea of organising your notes through out the devices.

Download : Android (Free)

By Kamal Nayan

Kamal Nayan is a blogger at where he has been writing about personal technology, productivity hacks and often produces how to videos. He takes some time off from his engineering to write about tips and tweaks related to Android and other phones on this blog.

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