Track Android Phone, Add Parental Control, Forward SMS Etc

Total SMS Control is an amazing utility that lets you perform a number of amazing tasks such as Message forwarding, call notification forwarding, phone locating, tracking and security, backup your call notifications and SMSs, parental control etc. Interestingly the app lets you forward SMSs and call notifications to your desired email, phone number and even your twitter account which is brilliant.

Let us start with the app. The main interface has three tabs at the top, Forward Mode, General and Backup. Under the Forward mode one has the buttons for forward to email, twitter and SMS. Just below the same we have the parental control mode and auto delete option.


Hitting the forward to email button will let you choose options like forwarding incoming and outgoing SMS, incoming and call notifications also and to do so one has to set up a destination email address. One can also forward location with notifications to the same email.


Similarly one can set the twitter account and can forward incoming outgoing SMSs and call notifications as direct messages. For this you must be logged in to your twitter account.


Under email to settings you can forward the same to another phone number of your choice.


Under the general tab we have a number of remote settings. Here you can separately add SMS keywords for remote actions. For example you can set a word for remotely clearing the app’s settings and can when you send an SMS to this phone from any number, instead of creating an SMS of the same in the inbox the app will recognize the keyword and will take the chosen action. One can use the same to clear the settings, forwarding GPS location, locate missing phone, forwarding phone contacts and many other options.


Scroll down the list on the same page and you will see the application settings which have a Phone identification option and a secret code option. In the Phone ID section one has to add an identification keyword which needs to be sent through the SMS along with the keyword to remotely activate any actions. The secret code can be set which will be used for enabling Parental Control. Make sure you remember the code as once you enable the parental control, the app will disappear from the app drawer and can only be opened by dialing the secret code from your stock phone app.


The parental control feature is of great use as you can install the app on your child’s android device, set the email, twitter account or phone number and then enable parental control to permanently hide the app. This way all the activities going on your child’s phone will reach your email or twitter account or your phone.


The last backup tab lets you schedule backup for contacts, messages, call logs, and list of installed apps. One can also specify the frequency week, day and time for the backup.

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.6 and up.

Conclusion: Really good app and of great use and the remote feature is just brilliant. Parents do download it.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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The app is indeed Awesome.. Its a life saver to some of us… But i will like to correct your post about including PhoneID in your remote sms command. The app works great without including the PhoneID..The phoneID is only used in identifying the phone from where a call or sms was forwarded to your email. It is can be found in the email alert under the signature section as “Forwarded from YourPhoneID”.
I love this app. A must have for all Parents to make this world a better place a useful tool for all android users.

Your analysis of the app is very helpful.
many thanks,

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