Track Daily, Monthly Data Usage Of Wifi, 2g/3g On Android Phone

It is quite important to keep an eye on the amount of data you are using a month on your phone when it comes to limited data plans since at the end of the month you might end up paying a handful of money which could have been avoided. If you own an android phone then we have found the solution for you to keep a track of your monthly usage.

Traffic Statistics is the latest and most accurate application developed so far and tracks the amount of data used on a daily and monthly basis.


The interface is extremely clean with the least possible confusing details, making it user friendly. On the main screen one can see the wifi and 2g/3g traffic for the current day as well as the current month. Analyzing the on-screen options, starting from the left we have the settings button, clear counter button, button for changing colour, feedback button, help button and lastly the exit button with an arow towards right.


In the settings menu the application has a number of options making it more convenient and productive for you to use. The first option is the Is enabled alert for enabling the service, followed by options like Alarm Value, Clear Date, Set Unit, 2g/3g Traffic Correct and Wi-Fi Traffic Correct.

Traffic Statistics android

The alarm value option can be used to preset the amount of data one wants to use for both 2g/3g and Wi-fi, over the whole month or for a particular day, after exceeding which the app will raise an alarm to notify the user that the limit has been reached. So to enter the value just tap on it and type in the numbers in the desired section.

Traffic Statistics android1

Clear Date is another good feature where the date can be set for all the months on which the traffic counters will be cleared bringing the data usage value to zero after which the app will immediately start tracking again.

Traffic Statistics android3

If one wants to see the usage in terms of megabytes, bytes, kilobytes or gigabytes then he or she can change it from the Set Unit option.

Traffic Statistics android2

The traffic correct options provided at the last are used to correct the data value. For instance after correcting my wifi traffic value by 1 MB, the mainscreen started counting the data after an MB and not from zero.

Traffic Statistics android4

In case you have any suggestions or feedback about the app, you can use the mail button on the main interface and send your opinion along with your age and gender to the developing team.


Conclusion: So far this is the most simple and easy to use app for tracking monthly data usage

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Traffic Statistics

[ This App Comes For iOS – No ]

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