Track Flights To And From US and Canada In Real Time With FlightAware

If you are a citizen of US or Canada having an android or iPhone and often commute through flights, then the app which we are going to review today will definitely help you a lot. FlightAware flight tracker, as the name suggests, is a flight tracking app with which you can get complete information about all the commercial flights including arrival and departure time, diversions, gate changes, delays etc.

The status of all the flights is updated in real time and it also supports tracking of general and charter flights in US and Canada. Interestingly the app also notifies you of airport delays, flight alerts, nearby flights etc.

Flightaware Android

The app has four main sections for your convenience when searching for a particular flight.


The first on is Track by flight number where you have to select an airlines first(almost all the airlines worldwide are listed) and enter the flight number. After that you can hit the Track by Flight Number button to get information on the flight.

Flightaware Android1

Then we have the Track By Tail Number option and if you know the tail number of a particular flight, just enter it and press Track By Tail Number button to start tracking the flight.

Flightaware Android3

The search by flight route option lets you search any flight by entering its origin and destination. After picking the two airports just press the button and you will get information on all the flights between the same.

Flightaware Android5

While searching for flights by their origin and destination, you can either select the airports by their name or by entering the airport code.

Flightaware Android6

When you select a particular flight, the interface is filled with almost every possible information concerned with it. It includes Origin, destination, filed speed, filed altitude, duration filed route etc. Scrolling down on the same page you will get options like view flight map, track more similar flights and an add button.

Flightaware Android7

Press the view flight map button and the app displays the route on a map. The add button lets you add that particular flight into your aircrafts list.

Flightaware Android8

Additional options can be accessed by pressing menu key on the main screen where an amazing option airport info is provided.

Flightaware Android90

You can select a particular airport (all airports around the world are listed) and then press view airport details or delays. For a particular airport you can also see all the arrivals, departures, en route and scheduled flights, view flight traffic in real time and also get the location of the airport on the local map.

Flightaware Android91

You can also create an account by registering on FlightAware for further convenience and support.

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.6 and up.

Conclusion: A good app with complete information US and Canadian flights. Wish they had added support for other countries as well.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – Yes, Download FlightAware Flight Tracker For iPhone From here ]

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