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Track Package With Google Search App on Android

Google’s dedicated search app for android, known as Google Now, is one of the most widely used applications among users, and recently it has been updated with a few new features. These new features not only bring convenience but enhance the overall experience as well, as the app has become faster and easier to manage.Although the features have arrived for all devices, those of you running Android 4.1 or higher will benefit the most from the recently brought changes.

The most important change according to us, is the improvement made in the search results. Now when you look for a keyword using Google Now app, the results shown will be much better and more relevant.


A very interesting feature that is highlight of the update is real-time package tracking. Yes you heard it right, if Google Now comes to know about a tracking number in your Gmail, a live tracking feed will be displayed right there. However, real time package tracking is only supported with select carriers so it will only work if your carrier is on the list.


If you are familiar with Google Cards, you will be happy to know that the update brings quick settings button for each card displayed on the screen. Hitting the (i) button will take you to the card’s settings page to make some quick changes. Also the weather now features hourly results which can be seen by moving the slider on the weather card.


The settings page has been overhauled and gets easy to use on/off toggles for most of the options. There is also a new, My Stuff section, wherein you can select your favorite sports team, places, and stocks and get live updates for the same on the Google Now screen.


Last but not the least Google claims that the update has made Google Now even faster, which is something beyond our testing capabilities as the app was already quite fast.


Certainly, the app has become better and the experience too has improved. There is a lot to configure inside the app, and the fact that it now supports real time package tracking makes it even more amazing. There is no such downside of the app. so all we recommend is go and download it from the Google Play store.

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