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[How-To] Transfer Files Among Any Device over Wi-Fi

Few months ago at ATU we demonstrated how to download and transfer files between different iOS and Android Devices. Though the procedure was easy enough to follow, there was not one app which served our entire purpose. Today we introduce you AnySend for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

AnySend is a must have utility for every Mac user or Windows user and even Android Phone users. With this utility you can transfer files over Wi-Fi without any virtual limit. However two of the conditions are required to be met to transfer files over Wi-Fi. First one is pretty obvious, every device to receive or transfer file must have the AnySend utility. And the second one is that the devices should be connected to same Wi-Fi Network.

Transfer Files Among Mac Pc and android Devices

To get started install AnySend utility to all your devices. (The app is free so don’t think twice). Make sure it is connected to same Wi-Fi network. Once you have Anysend installed on you Mac/PC, copy files which you wanted to transfer by selecting them and pressing Ctrl + C. Now Click on AnySend icon in the task bar (Windows) or in the Title Bar (Mac). The list of devices which have AnySend installed (even mobile devices) should appear there. Only select the device name and that’s it.


You can even send entire folders to the drivers. The transfer of the files happens on the magical speed so you don’t have to worry about zipping them.

Similar steps can be performed on the mobile devices. Tap to select the files and choose them to share with the AnySend.


By far AnySend is the easiest cross platform sharing utility i have come across in recent times. From installing to sending/transferring files takes not more than ten seconds as the ever required configuration is done itself.

What utility do you use to transfer files among your devices over Wi-Fi?

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