Transfer, Play MP3 Songs On iPhone Without Requiring iTunes With EZMP3 Player App

One of the most disappointing features that Apple offers is the way you have to add songs to your iDevice. As well all know it is not possible to transfer songs without the help of iTunes, which is a little tedious process and also very inconvenient to use. I always wished to have an app which would help me transfer my favorite songs to my device without any need of itunes.

If you people are still wondering about the same and thing that the solution is yet to come then let me tell you that an app is already out on the store and does exactly the same what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. EZMP3 Player Pro is an app which you would not regret paying for as it lets you transfer songs to your device wirelessly and also is a music player.

The interface is all simple with and has the following sections, All songs, Folder Play, Playlists, Managing Folders, Managing Playlists, File Transfer, iPod Library and Settings.


The app contains a few small tracks by default which you can listen to by pressing all songs . Thereafter from the list you can tap on any song and it will play. The interface also has the next and previous button along with the repeat and shuffle button and two animated speakers on either side.


If you wish to switch to full screen mode hit the middle bottom button which resembles a green traingle.


The Folder Play section on the main screen categorizes all the songs into separate folders and from here you can play each folder i.e the songs in the folder without any need of opening it.


Alike folders you can also play separate playlists with all the songs categorized in them. So just press Playlists and tap on any of the playlists to play the containing songs.


Through managing folders you can manage the folders, adding new folders or deleting the existing ones.


Similarly you can manage Playlists also and can delete or create new playlists.


The iPod Library option is one of the most interesting features as with it you can add songs from your iPod app to this EZMP3 music player. The do so just open the section and select all the songs you wish to add and then press done. The songs imported from the iPod app will be added to this app under a new folder called Documents.


So very feature of this app which makes it unique is the wireless transfer of songs from your computer to the app without iTunes. Go to File Transfer section and switch on Start Transfer. Wait for the app to display the WI-fi URL which you need to type into the address bar of your internet browser on your PC.


After typing down the Wi-Fi address hit enter and then from there select the Folder by checking the corresponding box, hit Select files, select the songs and press ok and the songs will start getting transferred.


Lastly we have the settings from in which you can enable or disable devie auto-lock, earphone beep-sound and EP button special features.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later

Conclusion: The app is good and works quite well and importantly transfers the songs with no difficulty at all.

Our Rating: 4.5 | Price: $1.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

3 replies on “Transfer, Play MP3 Songs On iPhone Without Requiring iTunes With EZMP3 Player App”

I’ve bought your app and it works nice as I expected even though I think the GUI is way too busy. But it’s okay as long as I don’t have to sync my music via iTunes.

However, there’s only thing I need you to improve which is a music controller. In iPod function, we can go back to starting point of each songs by tapping on backward arrow button. But with EZMP3 Pro player, the backward arrow always will bring me back to previous songs.

And that’s all I need you to know. Great work for making EZMP3 Pro!


This is a great app! Finally a way to get music onto my iPhone without the machinations required by iTunes. I have other apps which do some of the task, but this one transfers very quickly and has a repeat function sadly missing from the others.

I’m sure I’ll find more to compliment but I’ve only had it in operation for five minutes!

Thanks for creating this.


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