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Translate Web-Pages Directly in Chrome 28 for Android

Just after few days Google launched Chrome Version 28 for Desktop, it released Chrome 28 for Android with some notable improvements. These are

  •  Integrated Google Translate Support
  •  Full Screen mode support on tablets
  • New and optimised user interface for Right to left languages which include Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew.

Enable Google Translation in Chrome


Among all these the notable improvements, biggest addition is the Google Translate Support. To enable it check if you are using the latest version of the application. You can do that by going to settings – apps and tap the Chrome. Once you are sure you should check Chrome if the Google Translation are enabled there. Go to settings in Chrome, then Content Settings and set Google Translate to On if not already.


Try opening a site other than English and you will get option automatically to translate that into your native language. I tried translating a Chinese tech blog, and it did a fantastic job apart from some formatting issues.


The full screen support was already added in the Android Smartphone. That is when you scroll your page up, the address bar automatically hides and reappears when you scroll the page down. The same feature is now supported on the tablets too.

While these are pretty useful enhancements, i am still waiting for an effecting data compression feature like Opera in Chrome too. Right now in terms of getting faster access to websites all you can do is select it to preload the web page. The option can be enabled either always or only at Wi-Fi or can be disabled. These can be found in the Bandwidth Management option under settings.

By Kamal Nayan

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