Turn off Siri Launch When You Place iPhone on Ears

Raise to Speak is an interesting feature in Iphone 4s and Iphone 5 that supports Siri. With this function whenever you raise your phone to your ear, when you are not on call, the Siri will be activated . This is an additional option, with double clicking on the home Button to enable the siri.

So today we will be helping you to turn ON this option if the raise to speak is not working in your iphone 4s or iphone 5. You just need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Setting” tab and you can find the screen as shown below:



Step 2: Now go to the “general” option as highlighted in the screenshot above.

Here you will find an option with Siri.


Step 3: Click on the forward arrow available in front of Siri as highlighted in the screenshot below.

with this option you can be able to see all the option related to Siri and can also check if Siri is turned ON or Not.


Step 4: Here in this screen you can see the option for Siri.

Check if Siri is ON. If not please click on the option to ON the Siri as highlighted in the screenshot. For Raise to speak it is necessary that the Siri should be ON


Step 5 : Once the Siri is ON check the last option “Raise to Speak”. If it is off please enable this option by clicking on the Off and making it ON.

Step 6: Now go back to the “Setting“ tab so that the changes can be saved successfully.

Now you can raise the phone to your ear and will get the siri enable. Now you can enjoy this interesting feature of Iphone available with siri.

But we realize something it could also become disturbing factor for you. when you will be listening a song or any video without headset and if you bring you phone to the ear it will enable the siri which could disturb you. So you could want to disable this option.


Simply you can click come to the Siri Tab as shown in the avove steps and can Off the option for Raise to Speak.

So here is the way you can easily turn On and Off the Raise to Speak option by following the above steps. But for the easy access of siri this option should be kept Turn ON. I always prefer to keep this option on but when one need to listen the songs without headset and close to ears this option can be turned Off.

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