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Turn Your Own Images Into Interactive, Wobbling Live Wallpapers On Android

We click pictures every now and then. While most of them are meant to be cherished at times, there are plenty which are useless for the time being and looking at these unusable pictures while browsing through the gallery makes us think why we clicked them.

For sure you can apply filters and add effects to your dull and boring pictures to make them interesting but despite that, after some time, they would become boring again. So what can you do with these pictures? Well, the best answer we have to this is AndWobble. AndWobble is an app that turns any image into an interactive, wobbling live wallpaper.

How To Use AndWobble

Before we start you need to understand how the app works. After adding an image, the app lets you select an area of the image and then set it to move in a certain direction which causes the selected potion to bounce or wobble randomly. On an image you can add several portions and customize them separately. Now after doing all that when you pinch over the image or even shake the device, the image will wobble. The app also lets you set these images as live wallpapers which will wobble in the background while you are using the device. Now let us get started with the interface.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and install AndWobble. Launch the application and you will see a tile based interface.

Step 2: You need to select an image, so either use an existing image or take a fresh picture using your camera. Now tap on the image to open it in a new screen.


Step 3: Add a wobble (section) using the + button present at the bottom right. Drag and resize the wobble section as per your desire. You can also lock this section and remove a wobble section using the buttons present next to the add wobble button at the bottom. From the top bar, using the second button from the left, you will be able to drag and set the direction of motion for the wobble.


Step 3: The third button on the top allows you to set the extent of the wobble using a slider. To undo an action you can use the back button present on the right hand side of the top bar. Further using the settings button you can crop, rotate, and save the image.


After making all the changes you can save it (using the save copy button – look at the images above). Now move to the main screen and open the wobble image, and using the settings button at the top right corner set it as the wallpaper. Furthermore, you can also browse through the live wallpapers created by users across the globe from the pane which is accessible from the main screen.



For me it was an interesting experience to turn my regular pictures into live wobbling wallpapers and the fact that the app is available for free, makes it even more interesting. If you are bored of your pictures, do try this app.

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