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Yes, this post it dedicated to twitter addicts like me, and if you tweet more than you talk then you should be interested in this article, as the tittle says I will tell you all the ways in this article about how you can you tweet with your iphone faster than any app on iphone, yes for this you will need to install some third party twitter apps.

What about Official Twitter App On iPhone ?

Official twitter app is good but not good enough if you want to tweet faster than people can think off, yes I say this to people that I can tweet more faster you can type or think of tweeting with your phone any one phone including the windows phones as well.

Which Apps Allows You To Tweet Faster ?

First app which lets you tweet faster from your iphone is TweetFire is very simple app which gives you tweet box to type your tweet and tap send button to post it on your twitter timeline and once posted, the tweet box will stay there and you can type another tweet before the first tweet is actually getting posted on twitter.


TweetFire [Free]  app does not display any messages or your timeline. This app does not take photos nor allow you to attach them. TweetFire has been built for the sole purpose of rapidly tweeting, non-stop. Upon launch the tweet window fires up without further unneeded delay or interaction. When you fire off your first tweet the window reopens again so you can continue sharing your thoughts. The tweet window is built to launch even when you return from other tasks making this app simple and direct.

TweetFire Features
* The smallest and minimalistic tweeting app
* Tweet window opens on launch
* Tweet window reopens upon tweet
* Tweet window reopens when you return to TweetFire from other apps
* No timeline or messages to distract you
* No distractions to slow down your tweet

Please Note: This app is built ONLY for iOS 5 devices with twitter integration. Please make sure to register your twitter account on your device before running.

Another app named TweetFire – a Twitter client with SPEED and Push Notifications which is call itself as Twitter on Speed and TheNextWeb call it – The Fastest iPhone Twitter Client.

TweetFire - a Twitter client with SPEED and Push Notifications

Another tweet called Tweet Faster [Free] allows you to send Pictures and tweet information to your followers extremely fast. However this app has nothing new, it uses the iOS in built feature of iOS 5 nothing new and event tweet box loads every time after every tweet, which does waste some time while tweeting fast. [ as shown in the image below ]

Tweet Faster

Another app called Quick Tweet does the same, by providing you a quick tweet box where you can keep typing and tweeting without any delays.

Quick Tweet

Another app called Tweet Fast like the ones mentioned above, It is the easiest and fastest way to tweet from your iPhone or iPod Touch. No ads, no gimmicks, and no extra features. Just pure speed. It is perfect for sending out quick tweets while you’re on the go. It also makes a great tool for reporting on live events quickly.


  • Tweets in portrait or landscape mode (just rotate it!)
  • Tracks the length of your tweet while you type
  • Protects you from going over 140 characters per tweet
  • Locks your Twitter username and password settings
  • Background themes
  • Shows your last successful tweet
  • Keeps a running total of your tweets
  • Supports cut/copy/paste
  • Restores tweets interrupted by telephone calls

We hope you have got to know about all apps which you can use to tweet faster when ever and where ever required, so the above mentioned apps works for ipad as well, we suggest you check the app compatibility on app page on iTunes store.

Tweet Ultra Fast On Jailbroken iPhone

Just in case if you have a jailbroken iphone, the fastest way possible to tweet is shown in the video below, do check out the same.

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