All Tweaks To Tweet From iPhone Notification Center [ For Jailbroken and Non Jailbroken Phones ]

Though, in iOS5 a better integration with Twitter was observed but still it lags in some of its features. Tweeting is fun when done instantly at any point of time, but if you want to tweet from an iPhone which has not been jailbroken then you will have to launch the application and then compose a new tweet which might take much time than expected especially when you have large number of applications installed on your phone. It would have been great if we could access Twitter or Facebook from the notification center as that type of shortcut would have been pretty prompt. But then these are the only reason due to which users go for getting their iPhone jailbroken. We have mentioned all the ways to tweet from the notification center of your iPhone.

Free and Paid Iailbreak Apps [ For Jailbroken iPhones ]

If you do not want to spend a single penny then I will suggest you to install an application named ‘Quick tweet’ which will create an icon on the left hand bottom side of the notification center and thus you will be able to tweet promptly whenever needed, but the only disadvantage is that you will not be able to pin up any image or location while tweeting this way. You can see the screenshot mentioned below indication the position of that icon in notification center and the pop-up window which will appear once you click that icon. You can search this application if you have added BigBoss repository in your Cydia.



Other application which can be used is TwitkaFly, but it will cost you 1.99$ and it has many features as compared to the application mentioned above. As soon as any one replies to your tweet you will be able to see that on the locked screen and then reply it from there by swiping that Twitter icon and there are much more which can be done from that application.

Don’t want to Jailbreak, Buy it from App Store [ For Non Jailbroken iPhones ] 

For the users who do not to jailbreak their iPhone and instead they are ready to pay the price can use this application named ‘iQuick Tweet’ which will put itself in the notification center and when you will click that icon as mentioned below in the screenshot, a pop-up will appear from where you can tweet.


Wait Till iOS 6 To Get Tweet Feature From Notification Center

And if you do not want to do any of these then let me tell you that in the upcoming version of iOS i.e. iOS 6.0 users will be able to tweet and post on Facebook directly from the notification center, so you will just have to wait for the release of the next iOS which will be anytime in this fall. I hope this tips will help you to find your way.

I hope the tips mentioned above must have helped to get your issue resolved.

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