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Unlock Android Device In Style And Launch Apps From Lockscreen

Android is the most customizable mobile operating system yet and this very fact has been proven over and over again with a series of great applications. When we talk about android customization the first word that we can think of is Launchers, but honestly speaking there are as many lockscreen customizing applications as there are launchers. So today we will be talking about an interesting lockscreen replacement app.

LockScreen Free is the name of the application and it is available for free on the Google Play store. The app is claimed to offer more security and a unique pattern unlock approach by utilizing application icons as the grid points. Sounds interesting? Let us see how useful the application is.

How To Use LockScreen Free

Before we start with the various options available, let me explain how the application works. Initially you will have to select a lockscreen pattern on a grid that constitutes of application icons. When you unlock the device using the registered pattern, the app will launch the last app on your chosen pattern. This is quite cool, but what if you wish to simply unlock the device without launching any app or launch a different app?

Users who want to launch a different app directly from the lockscreen must enter the pattern first and then without lifting their finger, move to the app to be launched, and release. If you want to unlock the device, simply drag your finger to the unlock icon after entering the unlock pattern.

After you install Lockscreen Free from Google Play store, launch the app and you will land on the settings page. There are three main sections on this page – Basic Settings, Icon Settings, and Appearance. Under the Basic Settings section you can enable/disable the lockscreen, enter the password, and set a password recovery question.


Under Appearances, you will be able to change the wallpaper, time format, and add widgets to the screen. Premium users will get to choose from different lockscreen styles.


Under the Icons Settings section you will have to select the application icons you allow to be shown on the locksreen, alter the icon positions, add favorite phone numbers, and so on.


At last after performing all the above things, you will be ready to try your new lockscreen which would look like what you see in the images below.



After using the application for a couple of days I can confidently say that it is not only neat and convenient to use, but is fairly secure too. Top that up with the free price tag, and it turns into a great lockscreen replacement option. Users who like the free version can go for the premium version for $2.12 that will remove ads, add premium lockscreen styles, and unlock bright flashlight.

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