Upload iPhone Photos With Google+ App To Google Plus

Google+ app is now allows you to upload photos directly from iphone camera roll to google plus interface, moreover it has new feature called instant upload and if you enable this feature all the iphone photos you capture with your iphone camera will automatically get uploaded to your google+ profile, we will tell you later how to avoid that, right now lets focus on how to upload iphone photos with google+ app to google plus.

For this you first need to install google+ app for iphone from the apple apps store, it also compatible to run on ipad as well. Once you have the app installed follow the guide below on how to upload a photo from iphone camera roll or photo album to google plus web interface. In case you want to import photos from facebook, instagram, flickr etc to google plus then you can try Google Plus Photo Importer on app store for iphone.

1. Open the google+ app on your iphone.

 Upload iPhone Photos With Google+ App To Google Plus

2. Now either compose a new google+ update or go to photos section both have the option to upload a camera shoot image or photo album image which you can directly upload to google plus using the google+ app as shown in the images below.

3. Tap the camera or photo albums icon to select and upload a image from iphone to google plus and tap use


4. You can now add text to the image you are uploading on google plus web interface and then tap on post button as shown in the image below.


Here is how image looks like after being uploaded from iphone to google+

upload iphone picture to google plus

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