Use Full Nokia Maps On iPhone And Android Phones With Turn By Turn Directions

In India Nokia has lost much of its market share to potential competitors like Samsung and Apple and now it is working even harder to get back into the race. Apart from a set of new high end smart phones down the pipeline the company has recently launched a new HTML5 browser based Maps for iPhone and Android.

Nokia Maps are nowhere near the Google Maps but the effort is appreciable as they are accurate, easy to use and do not come as an app, so one just need to open the browser and use it and there is no need to install any specific app. Being a browser based service you are not entangled into a number of options, in fact the interface has been kept as simple as possible.


Before you get your hands on it, you can change the map view and distance units from the settings. The button at the bottom right is for the settings of the Maps and features a couple of options like Map View, Satellite View and Public Transport View. Live Traffic is another option in the same and if you want to change the units of distance, Kilometers or Miles then you can also do it from the same page.


Coming back to the main screen, Nokia Maps features a search bar at the top along with a drop down menu on the left. Tap on the top left button to pull down a list of options like Search, Route, Favorites, Feedback and About.


From the search section one can search any landmark or any place of interest, anywhere in the world. For Instance in the picture below I searched Connaught Place which is in New Delhi and when I tap on the bubble indicating the location, a number of interesting things come up at the bottom.


So tap on the bubble and you can take a look at the nearby restaurants, shopping centers, etc. You will have to scroll down the page to clearly view the suggestions.


If you want to put this place in your favorites list, tap on the start at the right and it will be added to your favorites.


Sharing can also be done by pressing the Share button and if you want to get to this place, then press the route button.


Want to get the route to your destination? Head back to the main screen, press the left top button and tap on Route. Now the app searches for your current location using your device’s GPS, so wait until it does so and then add your destination. Instantly the app will show you the route and calculate the distance and time of your journey. If you are on foot press the Man button next to the KMs and if in car then the corresponding car button.


If you want to have turn by turn assistance then press the button right next to the km and min, on the right. This will display you a step by step assistance which I believe is really helpful as you will not miss any turn then.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices and Apple Device Both.

Conclusion: The Map service is good, works brilliantly and is also accurate. It sometimes does not detect you current location but overall it is a good service from Nokia.

Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit To Use Nokia Maps

[ This app comes for Android – Yes, Open Browser And Enter ]

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