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[Solved] Fix Broken Mute Button on iPhone

No matter how expensive your iPhone is and how carefully you handle it, at times mishaps can take place such as the phone slipping through your hand and falling on the ground, falling off a table and so on. The end result of any such mishap is commonly either a broken screen, broken mute button or malfunctioning volume buttons and headphone jack and in worst of the cases, all at the same time.

Now the mute button is extremely useful in switching between General and Silent profile modes but what if it is broken or it does not perform its function when moved? Well there are a couple of situations that one may be in and they are as follows:

  1. If your iPhone is non-jailbroken and you want to use the mute feature without spending any penny on getting the physical key fixed, we will discuss about the accessibility feature which is an integrated part of the iOS.
  2. If your iPhone is jailbroken and you do not want to spend money on replacement of your broken physical key, we have a couple of Cydia tweaks that will definitely solve your problem
  3. If the physical mute key is completely broken and you cannot afford to get it fixed from the apple store but do want to get a new key, you can try changing the headphone jack, volume button and mute key assembly on your own. All these three parts are a single unit and you can order one online and replace the part on your own using a guide which will be discussed below.

Method 1: Using AssisstiveTouch Feature (Applies To Non-Jailbroken Phones)

Let us start with the situation number 2 where your iPhone is non-jailbroken. In such a case you are blessed by Apple’s brilliant iOS that has an integrated feature with which you can perform any action without touching any of the physical keys. AccesiblityTouch is an awesome feature which can be found under Settings>General>Accessibility>AssistiveTouch and you just to go there and enable it.(See the image below for reference). On enabling it a small square shaped button will appear on the screen(see the button on the right edge of the screenshot) and it will remain visible always from now onwards, though it will fade out when you are moving your finger on the screen.


Now to show you how you can mute or unmute your phone without using the physical key, follow what I say. Tap on the virtual button(you can tap on it from anywhere, no need to come to the homescreen). Of the four options choose Device.


Under the device section you have a number of buttons such as for locking the screen, increasing or decreasing the volume etc. Here you will see a button with a bell(on the extreme left). Tap on it and your device will me muted, provided it is on General, tapping it again will switch to silent mode.


Method 2: Cydia Tweaks (Applies To Jailbroken Phones)

If you have a jailbroken phone, you can visit Cydia and download any of the available tweaks that will help you switch between General and Silent mode using the Activator app only. One of the most reliable and simple to use tweak is SilentMode Switcher. It is a paid tweak but if you installed pirated repositories on Cydia, you can install it for free. Once it is installed, head to Activator app and choose an action which will trigger the tweak. In my case I used double tap on status bar as the triggering action. Trust me friends this tweak really works that too like a charm.


If you want to consider other tweaks as well, try Auto Silent. It is also a paid tweak but comes with automatic and manual switching functionality.

SilentMode Switcher Video Demo

Method 3 (Hardware Fix)

If your iPhone is under warranty and there is no physical damage visible on the body, try visiting the nearest Apple Store and make an excuse such as it has stopped working a few hours ago. If they do not find any dents or damage on the body of the device, they will probably fix it for free or, in the luckiest of the cases, replace your device.

But I am sure not many of are that lucky, so what can we do? If you really want to try the replacement procedure on your own there are a couple of guides available on the internet.

iPhone 3GS Mute Key Replacement – Tutorial

iPhone 3GS Mute Switch Fix Video

iPhone 4/4S Mute Key Replacement – Tutorial

iPhone 4 Mute Switch Fix Video

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You are legend! Volume and mute control again! No more pounding heart in the night from random texts!



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