Use Patterns And Dial Numbers To Launch Apps And Toggle Settings On iPhone

AppDialer is a wonderful tweak available on Cydia which lets you use patterns and number dialing to launch installed apps and even toggle settings. I know it does sound interesting and when you will use the app, it will actually amaze you and will be of great help. BigBoss, one of the most popular repository offers this amazing tweak so one can search for it in Cydia.


The app does not add any extra icon on the home screen and can be found only in the stock iPhone settings. So after installing it, just go to the app dialer settings and start assigning patters to your favorite apps and often used utilities. In the app’s settings one will have the following options, Keyboard sound, switch button, dial and pattern settings like activation methods. Activation method is a way to open the pattern and dial pad. Before you start assigning a patter or number to an app or setting, set an activation method for the pattern as well as the dialpad.


Under activation methods one can set a method for every possible state which your iphone is in. Like if it unlocked then you can set double pressing the home button as an activation method. SImilarly when it is locked you can set double tapping the clock as an activation method and likewise a number of methods are available.


After doing so, now go to dial settings or pattern settings, whichever you would like to use and after pressing add item add the numbers or the patter.


After setting so, on the next screen  you can either choose between four default actions like wifi on/off, bluetooth on/off etc or just hit the Activator events to assign this very pattern or number for an app.


From the unassigned list you can scroll through almost all things present on your iDevice and assign the very pattern or number to it.


One can now use the activation methods that he or she has set and activate the dial or patter pad and then enter the pattern or number to launch the app or setting.


The repeat button at the left corner is used to switch between dial and pattern pads.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Good work but sometimes the app does not work.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia  To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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