Useful To Do Task Reminder App For Android

Astrid, one of the potent app developers, has come up with an award winning To-Do manager for Android which has all the features one would expect from it. By far it is one of the simplest android to do task manager and has been liked by many.

As seen below in the image, the app’s main interface consists of a list of all the tasks. So when you open the app you would not have to access a particular list, instead the very first screen will display all the tasks.

Astrid Task To Do Android 2

With the top left button present on the main screen, you can access the lists, tasks and filters. To add a new filter or create a new custom list press the corresponding + New button. You can also manage the uncategorized tasks into a list from here.

Astrid Task To Do Android 4

To add a task to a new task in a particular list or as uncategorized, on the main screen, type in the task title at the bottom and press the + button next to it.

Astrid Task To Do Android 7

Once a task has been added, you can tap on it once to access more options like edit, share and timer.

Astrid Task To Do Android 10

To copy or delete a particular task just long press on it and you will see the desired options.

Astrid Task To Do Android 8

The Edit option is the most important one as from there a number of amazing features can be enabled. Under edit you have four section, basic, share, alarms and more. Under Basic you can edit the title, set the importance, set the deadline along with an alarm, categorize the task into a list and also add important notes to it. From share you can send the task to a particular email.

Astrid Task To Do Android 9

Under alarms you can set alarm notifications for due task and overdue task. Ring or Vibration type can also be set here.

Astrid Task To Do Android 11

Under More you can hide a particular task, set the length of the time and can even set the time you have spent on a task. You can create a calendar event for the same from here only.

Astrid Task To Do Android 12

When the alarms goes on for a particular task it will be seen in the notification area. In order to snooze the alarm or stop it you can open the task from here.

Astrid Task To Do Android 13

When a task has been completed you can press the checkbox on the left, to mark it as done.

Astrid Task To Do Android 3

Additional options can be opened by pressing the menu key. From Sort & Hidden you can filter the list by completed, deleted and hidden tasks and can also sort the list by due date, importance etc. By Sync Now option you can sync your list with, Google Tasks and Producteev. Further under settings you can change the color theme, change the size of the task list, make backups, change reminder settings etc.

Astrid Task To Do Android 14

App Requirements: Compatible with all android devices. Requires android 1.6 or later.

Conclusion: Good app. Has many interesting features.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

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