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[Tips] Videos on Instagram

In my opinion, Instagram is one of those companies which has able to marry physical and digital aspects of life merrily. The community allows us to capture a moment and share it with world after applying beautiful filters to it. But Instagram thinks, sometimes simply the static images are not enough to describe the liveliness of the moment. Not anymore.

Facebook (The company acquired Instagram last year in April for $1 Billion) released Video for Instagram on Thursday. Now Instagram will let you capture 15 seconds video which you can share with the world after applying the filters into it.

Like photos there are 13 built-in custom filters into it. After capturing a 15 second video you will be able to choose a cover frame for your video (your favourite scene from the video) so that your videos look great even when they are not playing.

Instagram has also introduced an effect called “Cinema” in the Video. The Cinematic Stabilisation effect slows down the video and makes it easier enough to watch. All you need to do is simply update your Instagram app (the updated version is 4.0 for both iOS and Android) and when you go to take a picture tap the movie camera icon to get into the video mode.

Video for Instagram
Video for Instagram

I am still to try my hands on the updated Instagram application but i read on Instagram Blog that if you sit to watch the videos uploaded by users in the first 8 hours after the launch, it is going to take one complete year. Well that describes pretty awesomeness of the Instagram itself.

Instagram 4.0 for iOS

Instagram 4.0 for Android

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