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How To View & Send SMS, Browse Photo Gallery Using A Browser [Android]

The most common answer to when a person gets distracted while working, is his or her smartphone. Many of us are busy with our work all day long and whenever there is a notification on our smartphone, we immediately discontinue our work and catch hold of our smartphones. Interestingly it happens plenty of times during a day and at each instance we waste more than 5 to 10 minutes.

This will unavoidably hamper your productivity and if you are really looking for a solution to this, consider the app we are going to review in this post. Fonelink is an app dedicated to the Android OS that lets you view & reply to text messages, and browse the photo gallery from your computer browser, regardless of whether you are using Windows PC, Mac, Linux, etc.

How To Use FoneLink

Step 1: Download FoneLink from Google Play store and install it.

Step 2: Launch the application and sign in with the desired Gmail account.


Step 3: Now you need to open FoneLink Web Interface in your browser. On doing so you will be prompted to sign in with a Gmail account. Use the same account which you used to sign in on Fonelink’s android app.


After signing in, the webpage will open the SMS service wherein you will be able to see received messages, and on clicking on one of them you will be able to reply to the same contact from the very page.


If you wish to browser your photo gallery, click on the Home button present just below the address bar of your browser, and choose Photos. All your pictures will be aligned in a grid and to switch to the desired page you can select the page number from the top.


To enlarge a picture you need to click on the same. You can also automate the slideshow by clicking on the play button present on the left, and to return to the thumbnails view you will have to click on the X button on the right.



The service is brilliant, however there are a couple of shortcomings. SMS sent using the web interface do not appear in the conversation on your device. Also the photos service may or may not work depending on the device and gmail account you are using.

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