Vine: Attach 6 Second Video with your Tweets [Detail Feature Review]

Twitter has always been about sharing something short and crisp and that’s is the reason it has always put a limit to the characters in your tweets, they could have also increased this limit as Facebook as done with their Facebook status and as Orkut did with its scraps but as per the concept tweet has to be short. Keeping this in mind Twitter has unveiled another application named Vine and this application is for you to share videos on tweets. Again this video sharing will be limited by 6 seconds but this will be done very smartly on this application.

Recording the videos is a very simple task, just tap the button as mentioned below. If you are using this application for the first time then a tutorial will automatically start which can be skipped from options mentioned at the bottom of the same screen.


Once the camera screen starts, locate the scene which needs to be captured, keeping in mind that the full video recording will be of 6 seconds. Now keep the most important thing in mind, you will not have to tap a button to start the continuous recording rather the duration for which you touch the screen will be the duration for which it will record that scene.

The moment you life your finger the recording will stop, so basically in order to create short video of 6 seconds but with the intention to cover everything you can capture different scenes by taping again and again on your screen.

So this way you can record a GIF type animation in your tweet and for sharing that you can choose Twitter, Vine or Facebook.

Once the home page of this application you will see the editors pick videos, which are a good example to learn the way to record a video.

Major Issue being faced.

Like any other new application, it is also a big problem these days. Few days back you must have heard the news that Apple has removed many image editing and sharing applications because they were making users vulnerable to the porn images. Now, this same problem has started in this application also as such short videos of full length porn videos are being tweeted on the Twitter thus making the users vulnerable to these porn video. If this trend continued and could not be controlled then Apple will have to take this application down.

Some of the steps have been taken against this issue but still Twitter has not made any comment about it. They have removed all the porn videos from their editor-pick section but still this is just a temporary treatment. We will update you more about this.


Pornography is a big issue to deal with but if you have friend who do not share such videos at all and now when editor pick section has been corrected with such issues then I believe that it is fine to use this application and it works good even on slower data connections.

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