Prioritize Emails Received From Some People on iPhone

There is always a case when some emails are more important than others. in Some case it could be the subject that determines the importance of the email but more often it is the sender with which you can prioritize your emails.

IOS 6.0.1 provides you with an option to add really important senders to your Mail’s VIP list so that there mails will be sorted into a dedicated VIP inbox. whenever you are pushed for time you can just read the mails from the VIP inbox for the important sender’s mail and ignore everything else in you regular inbox.


Lets have a look over the different ways by which we can add the entries to the VIP Mail box

Add an entry to VIP Senders from the contact list :

To add an entry from the available contact list you can click on the option next to VIP, highlighted in the screenshot below. This option helps you to check the list of the person already present in your VIP list and also provide an option to add the contact in it.


As shown in the below screen you can see the list of VIP person and can also add the VIP using the option Add Vip, highlighted in the below screenshot


Once you proceed with this option you will be navigated to you contact list from where you can just click on the desired contact to add it to your VIP list.

Add an entry to VIP Senders from existing previous mail :

There could be a possibility that the contact that you want to add to the VIP list does not exist in you contact list and you want to add the contact to your VIP list. So in that case you can go to your account and open the mail send by that particular contact.

Click on the name of the sender that could be appearing in front of “From”. Once you click on the sender’s name you will be navigate to the sender page as shown in the below example screen.

Here you can just click on the Add to Vip option and the contact will be added to your VIP mailbox


Removing the contact from the VIP List:

similarly as we added an entry to VIP Senders from existing previous mail we can follow the same steps and we will get the option “Remove from VIP” if the contact is present in the VIP list. Just click on the option and the contact will be removed from your VIP list


You can also remove the VIP contact using the tab next to the VIP in mailbox that we used to add an entry to VIP Senders from the contact list as mentioned in the earlier part. Just click on the Edit option on the top corner of the screen and delete the desired contact .


Conclusion :

I feel this option really helpful as I can get the mail separated according to my priority depending on the person and as it ensure that I doesn’t miss mail from important person when I am pushing for a time and have a very short time to check the mailbox. So it is always useful to add the important person to the VIP list.

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