VLC Media Player For Android Phones [Pre Alpha]

As a matter of fact Microsoft has never been able to deliver the best possible features through its default windows programs. One of the best examples is the Media Player which lacks many features and also is really annoying at times and as a solution to which, developers came up with the VLC media player, an ultimate media player.

We have been using the VLC media player for windows for quite some time now and the time has come to download the same for your android device as the Pre-alpha version of the app is out. To our content, the app is out on the internet but for many of you it may not be as easy to download and install the app as it looks since the app is yet to be uploaded on the android market and as of now only the APK file is available. But don’t worry as at the end of the review we will explain how to download and install APK files on android for those of you who don’t know how to perform the same.

The first impression of the app is nice as it gets a really clean interface. On the main screen we have two buttons on the top right corner a media button for switching between videos and music files and a search button.


Since this is an under development app some bugs are ought to be there but we would not like to dig deeper and will stay on the surface only. You can change from music to video by the button next to the search button at the top and interestingly the music feature interface is much like that of the latest Music stock app with sections like songs, artists, albums etc right at your fingertips and can be switched between by sliding your finger on either side.


The search feature is pretty quick and accurate and one would face any difficulty in finding a song.


You can play a particular song by tapping on it. On the player screen one would also see the shuffle and repeat buttons on the right side. The duration bar and play, pause, next and previous track buttons are at the bottom of the screen.


When you hit back while a song is playing then you would see a small bar showing up at the bottom of the screen with the previously played or currently playing track and one can also pause or play the song from here itself.


Talking about the rest of the aspects of this app, disappointingly only a limited set of options have been given and to access the same one has to press the menu key. There you will see a sort option, an about section and a preferences button. Sorting has been made easier by the function as it sorts files on the basis of name and length.


The preferences section has just two sections, Directories and Clear History. With the clear history option one can remove the past search results as it builds up some cache and occupies space.


The directories section contains a list of folders/directories of your phone. Selecting any will let the app search media files in those particular places only and not the whole of your device.


Now we would like to explain you how to install an app through its APK file.

  • Download the APK file from the link given below
  • Now navigate to settings>Navigation>Unknown Sources and check the box after ignoring the warning
  • Connect your phone and transfer the downloaded file to the SD card
  • Disconnect the phone and launch the apk file that you transferred and install the app

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices

Conclusion: The app works fine but the developers need to do a lot more work on it.

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Developer’s Website Link To Download This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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