Why System Services on iPhone Use Location Services [Know Your iPhone]

If you want to preserve your battery for a longer period of time then it is for sure that you will be conscious about mainly 2 factors, firstly the brightness and the other one is the location services. Since the upgrade of iOS 5.0, the location services are only used when an application needs them so whenever you see that arrow icon on the top of your screen, it means that location services is being used by an application right now. Now unknowingly while installing an application we hastily give them the access to our location services feature, without considering whether it is important or not.


One of the famous example can be the Facebook Messenger app, I am sure that most of you will have given access of the same to this application and all the time when you are chatting with your friend on this app, the location service feature gets to be used continuously because the application keeps the track of your location and in every line of chat sent by your through the messenger attaches that information which can be seen by the user at the other end.

Similarly you might not know but your iPhone uses the location service to provide you the location based iAds to display them in an application currently being used by you. The same story goes for features like:

  • Call network Search: You might have observed that when your network strength start reducing and reaches to a level at ‘Now service’, then this feature is utilized to predict the nearest tower signal and retrieve signal from that part.
  • Compass Calibration: When you are using Google Maps or any other application related to maps then compass is used to let you know about the direction in which map is being displayed and the direction in which you are moving.
  • Diagnostic and Usage: these are the reports generated on the performance of iOS on your device. I don’t have a clue that why do they need location information in these reports. It may happen that they might be categorizing the reports of the users on the basis of the location.
  • Genius For Apps: Genius features take a note of all the applications installed on your iPhone and on the basis of that it recommends you the other application on the App Store which you may want to try.
  • Location-Based iAds: You must have observed that usually when an application is free then either on the top of the screen or in the bottom, a space is reserved to display you the applications. These advertisements are shown to you by Apple after considering data specifically related to you.
  • Setting Time Zone: You might not need your iPhone to do this, you can set the time zone on your own. Else this feature takes up the location where your iPhone is located and set the Time zone.
  • Traffic

The location feature access to these features can be toggled at Settings>Privacy>Location Service>System Services. This option is available at the bottom of the screen and you will have to scroll down a lot for this.

Now depending upon your priorities you may enable of disable them, for instance you will not Ads to use your location feature so you can disable that feature and similarly you can do that for Genius Apps also. We have already mentioned above the meaning of these features, so toggle them and let us know if they have helped to improve your battery life. You can follow the same for the list of applications to which the access of location service is given. It will somewhat look like below.


I hope that this post will help you to manage the permission of location services in a smart way as the services mentioned above are always hidden generally from the user. This will surely help you to increase some battery life.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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