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Use Android Phone as PC Webcam Using WiFi

There are thousands of systems available online and in your nearby market, that let you monitor a part of your house or office using a small camera. But what if a person is unwilling to spend money on a conventional monitoring system, and still have a good alternative at no extra cost?

Since smartphones have become one of the most wanted thing now a days and evolving gradually, it would not be surprising if I say that you can turn our Android device into an IP camera anywhere and anytime. For those of you who want an alternative to a conventional monitoring system, an Android device can come in really handy.

How To Turn Your Android Device Into An IP Camera

Step 1: Open Google Play store on your device and download IP Camera, which is available for free. After installing the app, open it from the app drawer and you will see the settings page with options like Resolution, Photo Resolution, Video Quality, Orientation, FPS limit, Focus Mode, and much more. Before you start using the app, you should configure it so that it suits your requirements. From under Resolution settings you can set the screen resolution both for videos and pictures. The Quality option has a slider using which you can increase or decrease the quality of the video.


The Orientation feature lets you select the default orientation of the video or picture. You can also set an FPS (frames per second) limit to enhance or reduce the quality of the video. You also have the option to set a Login/password for accessing the streaming video, and one can also set the port along with the IP address family (IPv4 or IPv6). You also have an audio option to enable or disable audio for the video.


Step 2: Once you are through the above settings, scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and you will the Start Server button. Hit the same to start the IP camera.


Step 3: The video will start on the screen which you need to access in the browser.


Here you can see an Actions button on the top right corner. This button can be used to access in-video settings such as Focus, Stop, Toggle LED, and more.


Step 4: How To Connect – Look at the image under Step 3. Just above the advertisement, you will see a web address comprising of numbers ( in this case). You will see a different address on your android device and you need to enter the same in the address bar of a web browser on your computer.

When you enter the web address in your computer browser, you will see a page as shown below. You need to select Use Java Browser Plugin, and the live video feed will start immediately.


NOTE: Make sure you have Java installed in order to see the video feed in your browser.

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