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Add Text Notes on Android Home Screen With Floating Stickies [App Review]

Windows 7 has been one of the preferred operating systems for a couple of years not just because how well it performs but also for its features. One of the most basic yet interesting feature is the sticky notes which can be placed anywhere on the computer screen without creating any interruption or disturbance to the work you are doing.

But that’s all exclusive to the windows operating system only. Is it? The interesting part of the story is that an application called Floating Stickies is available on the play store which offers you the same win-7 like sticky notes on your Android device. As the name of the app suggests, the sticky notes are floating in nature which means you can drag and place them anywhere on the screen.

Just like the sticky notes in Windows 7, the floating stickies too come in a couple of different colors which aside from helping you remember something, also makes the screen look colorful.

How To Add Win 7 Like Sticky Notes On Your Android Device

Step 1: Since we are talking about an application, you will have to open the Play Store application on your android device and download Floating Stickies.


Step 2: As soon as the application gets installed on your device, a full screen size help window window will appear on the screen. This very help window is self explanatory and gives you an overview of the all the features, like dragging the notes around the screen, or resizing them using two finger pinch zoom in and out etc. Hit the OK button at the bottom right corner and you are good to go. Hitting the Ok button will bring a small sticky note window on the home screen.


To add a note what you are supposed to do, is tap in the middle of the sticky and the keyboard will slide into the screen. Add whatever text you wish to show on the note and to dismiss the keyboard, just tap anywhere outside the sticky. To add a new sticky, you can hit the + button present at the top left corner of the first sticky window. If you wish to copy, paste , or even share a piece of text, tap on the arrow down button next to the + button.


In the images above, I have added three sticky notes and have resized them to cover almost the whole screen. As you can see two the notes are of the same color while the third of a different one – you cannot change the color of a sticky or add one of your desired color as the application gives a random color on its own. The notes, as you can see, float over the home screen and the app drawer, and the applications too.

Last but not the least, the home screen sticky notes can be docked to the left of the screen by dragging them toward the left edge. As soon as you bring a sticky to the left edge, the window will disappear into the edge with a pencil replacing it to tell you presence of the sticky. To bring the a sticky back on the screen just tap on the pencil or drag it toward the middle of the screen.


The app is really helpful in remembering important things and the fact that the notes actually float over every possible interface, is simply appreciable. Performance wise there have been no issues while we tested the app, which clearly shows how friendly this useful app is. Floating Stickies can be downloaded for free which means it is definitely worth trying.

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