Windows Phone Type Notifications On Android Phones

Recently we had covered iPhone type push notifications on Android which is a great free app and in this we bring you something similar yet different. Today we will review an app with which you can have Windows Phone 7 type of notifications on your android device. Interesting enough? It surely is.

WP7 Notifications Plus is a paid app that brings you the closest possible windows phone7 type of notifications experience to your android device. Be its twitter, facebook, message, phone or any installed app, WP7 Notifications Plus works well for all and is very impressive.

Once you download the app and install it, you have to activate the service by going into settings<accessibility service< WP7 Notifications Service or by opening the app, clicking on activate service , checking on the box corresponding to WP7 Notifications Service and then pressing confirm.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 3

Once the service is active you can ensure it by opening the app from the app drawer. In the same, under Monitoring, you can check on the corresponding boxes of the apps you wish to receive the notifications for including missed calls.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 4

Scroll down the page and you have an Other apps section from where you can select the installed apps for which you want to enable these notifications.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android

On the same page you have several other options. From Timeout you can set the number of seconds for which you want the notifications to be displayed.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 6

Then you have Time Format to set the format as 12 hour or 24 hour and even hide time display.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 7

Under Position you can choose the position of the notifications, whether you want it below the status bar, on top of it or at the bottom.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 8

Under Color you can even set the color of the notification pop-up from a set of stock color options.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 9

Scroll down more and you can enable shadows, animations, alternate 2 line layout. Apart from these you also have a couple of wakeup and vibration options which you can configure.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 10

At last this is what the notifications would look like. To remove a notification you just need to place your finger on the notification pop-up and slide it to either side. Or in simple words you just need to throw it towards any side..

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android 1

The app here is used along with WindowsPhone7 launcher to give that windows phone feel.

WindowsPhone7 Type notifications android

The notifications look stunning on the lockscreen as well and I hope you would not mind spending some money for it.

App Requirements: Compatible with android devices. Requires android 2.1 or later.

Conclusion: Very well made app and worth a buy.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: $2.33/Rs.116.59 | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No  ]

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