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Copy Files To and From Android Phones, Tablets To PC Using WiFi Network [AirDroid]

Apple keeps a close watch on its iOS ecosystem and its iDevices. The company makes sure that its users don’t face any problem while using its devices and keeps usability as a high priority on its list. iTunes is a part of this and is used by the Cupertino based giant as app that allows users to easily manage their iDevices using any Windows or Mac based computer. Using iTunes, Apple owners can backup, sync or transfer photos from their iPad, iPhone or the iPod Touch in just a few clicks.

Unlike Apple, there is no iTunes like syncing app for Android devices. While there are a tons of alternative apps from third party developers, they don’t work that well, lack features or are a bit clunky to use. Thankfully, there is one Android app — AirDroid – that allows users to wirelessly¬†manage their phone from their PC and do much more. The app does not require users to install any application on their PC and works via a web browser.

Manage Your Android Device Wirelessly From Your PC Or Laptop

First of all, make sure that you have a Wi-Fi network and that your PC or laptop is connected to it. Then, head over to the Google Play Store and download AirDroid.

Once the app is installed on your phone, connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network that your PC/Laptop is connected to. Fire up AirDroid then, and read the welcome message or skip through them by pressing the ‘Start’ button.

AirDroid will now display an IP address along with a password. Open your preferred browser on the laptop or PC and key in the IP address (usually 192.168.x.x:xxxx). You will be greeted with an AirDroid screen asking for a password. Enter the password that the AirDroid app is showing on your Android device.

You will be then greeted with a screen similar to this -:

As you can see from the screenshot above, AirDroid allows you to manage your messages, files, apps, photos, music, phone settings and much more. Users can directly send messages right from their browser window, transfer photos or files to and fro from their Android device by using either the ‘Photos’ option or the ‘Files’ option. You can even play music that is on your phone to your PC or laptop by going to the ‘Music’ section and then pressing the Play button near the song name.

To transfer files to and fro from your Android device to your PC, click on the ‘Files’ icon in AirDroid.

If you want to transfer files from your Android device to your PC, click on the folder or file that you want to transfer and press the Download button at the top right.

For transferring files from your PC to your Android device, click on the Upload option and then drag and drop the file that you want to transfer.


Even though AirDroid allows users to literally do anything and everything with their device right from their web browser, it does lack an option to back up your contacts, messages or app data or even your device as a whole. This is because there is no way to backup an Android device via an application without root access, and is more of a limitation of the OS rather than that of AirDroid.

Even then, AirDroid is a one of its kind app in the Play Store that seamlessly allows you to sync content to and fro from your Android device without the need of any app on your PC.

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