Why Yahoo Weather App is Best on iOS and Android

Few weeks ago, in a completely unprecedented move, Yahoo released its weather app for both iPhone and Android platforms. Needless to say this was not an app idea that was icebreaking. But still it came from company like Yahoo and we had expectations from it. But honestly, we were not sure how great this app was going to be.

But we were sure once we had our hands on.

The Simple the Better

The moment you open it, you will be surprised by its elegancy. It automatically detects your location, and displays current temperature, including lowest and highest temperatures of the any given day. These informations are on the actual beautiful pictures taken by real users of Yahoo’s greatest strength – Flickr. And you know what, these pictures change according to the weather conditions of the city. Like for example look at pictures below; weather conditions of New York at 2.34 AM. You can have more than one cities to look at. Add them by tapping the plus button at the right corner.

Yahoo Weather App
Yahoo Weather App

If you want your pictures to be displayed by this app, there is Project Weather going on where you can submit your photographs.

Well the temperature is not the only thing which is displayed, it even displays the next five days’ weather forecast. Details like humidity and and wind information are also displayed. With a Map which you can zoom in by double tapping it is accompanied by precipitation informations and wind pressure information.The position of Sun and moon is displayed with a very smooth animation.


Less Features but lot less cluttered too

What was unique about Yahoo Weather app was that i suddenly developed an interest in weather informations and quiet a times a day i found myself stumbling and going back again and again to the app. If not every time for weather information then for beautiful flickr pictures for sure.

Yes there are certain things that you wished this app could do but it doesn’t and that is what simplicity is about. The next five days prediction is default, you can not edit that. A genuine flaw is that you can not share the weather info on social networking sites but that is only on the app for iPhone. On Android you can share information to bunch of sites which even include Flipboard.

Yahoo Weather App on Android
Yahoo Weather App on Android

The yahoo weather app doesn’t feed you with the amount of informations like Accuweather does but wait, do you need that? (Unless you are to give a full fledged report to may be NASA? ).

Download from iTunes Store

Download from Play Store

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