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Zikk Helps you in Setting up Different Devices Remotely

I am one of those members of the family who has one role predefined. Whenever a new device is brought home, i have to configure it optimally and adjust settings such as connecting it to home wi-fi, optimise device for best battery performance, download some useful apps etc etc. When relatives staying in other cities buy devices they bother me over Skype or phone as in how to do some sort of settings or how to install apps or delete them etc. (After all everyone can’t be as intelligent as you and me..right?)

Jokes apart, its a tedious task to instruct them remotely. But I guess not anymore. I recently came across the app names Zikk, which enables you to support your less tech savvy friends and lets you set up their devices remotely.

The app, Zikk, is free at Google Play store and you can start off by grabbing one. Initially you need to perform a simple registration thing to get started. After all this is going to be a matter of concern for privacy and security related issues. Once you confirm the code via a call, you have registered your device to either ask or seek help.


Tap the help someone option to assist others. When you tap it, you will have option to select the person from your contacts. Similarly tapping Request help will ask you to select the person name from which you wanna seek help.

In case, you are to help someone, tap the Help Someone option, and a request for approval is sent to that contact which you selected. On the other end, they will have to download the app whose link is sent via sms. Once the approval has been granted from the other side you can easily do stuff on their phone like, downloading free apps or deleting the existing ones. You can also add contacts and reminders remotely with the Zikk app. Further more, setting wallpapers and ringtones are also allowed inside the app.


Overall the app is quiet useful for people who are still embracing the technology on android Phones, but the concern remains that in order to seek help, they will have to download the application at first all by themselves. The application is in beta and still worked flawlessly in my case.

Let us know if you found this app useful. If yes, how did you help others with?

Download Zikk Remote Android Support (free) | Google Play Store

By Kamal Nayan

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